A working trip of the delegation of the company "Thalamus" to India was held. The delegation visited:
- the famous Indian manufacturer of paper equipment "Sodaltech" city Coimbatore (www.sodaltech.net);
- a large manufacturer of compressor equipment "ELGI" in Coimbatore (www.elgi.com);
- Administration of the Indian railways in the city of Delhi (www.indianrailways.gov.in);

- "Sharp Tools" factory of the manufacturer of welding materials, accessories for machine tools, engines, water pumps and electrodes for special welding (http://www.sharptools.com);
- manufacturer of laboratory research equipment company "Orchid Scientific" City of Nashik (www.orchidscientific.com).
Negotiations on bilateral cooperation between Indian producers and the management of the team "Talamus" were held successfully.