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Plasma treatment technology

Unique, unparalleled in the world, equipment and technology for metal processing using high-temperature plasma.


Export of rolled metal

THALAMUS Group of Companies exports various metal products from the CIS countries to consumers of the European Union, Africa, India, China and others.


Transportation technology

THALAMUS Group - the official representative of MORELLO in the CIS countries.



THALAMUS Group is the exclusive supplier of schungite in the European Union


Packaging equipment

THALAMUS offers to supply equipment and components for paper production and processing of paper and waste paper into finished products.

Radial piston hydromators

THALAMUS regularly supplies radial piston hydraulic cylinders from China to consumers in Europe and the CIS.


Exclusive design PV modules

Exclusive design PV modules ● Different shapes and sizes ● Colored glass PV modules ● Different color of solar cells ● Various lamination technologies ● Light PV modules ● Fully customized modules


Spare parts for metro

TALAMUS Group carries out regular deliveries of spare parts for subways in the CIS and the European Union


Sunflower oil export

THALAMUS is engaged in the export of sunflower oil. We sell it in bulk and packed in PET bottles in all major markets, including the European Union, Africa, Asia, Turkey and Egypt.

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