Company Talamus Russia and the company SODALTECH India joint participation in the exhibition RosUpack Moscow.

On May 15 and May 16, 2017, business meetings organized by the THALAMUS Group were held, between Ukrainian and Austrian representatives.

August 02, 2015

India as world's fourth largest economy has  witnessed unprecedented level of economic expansion, presents lucrative and diverse opportunities for foreign companies entering into her market. Indian GDP is likely to sustain growth of 10% in current decade which offers unique advantage to foreign companies targeting India market as their marketing and supply destination.

Thalamus helps clients in making successful India entry plan by providing cost effective solutions starting from idea validation to strategy implementation process.

Working meeting of manufacturers of railway equipment of PRIVATE JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "SCIENTIFIC AND PRODUCTION CENTER" TRANSMASH "Lugansk city Ukraine and leading manufacturers of railway branch in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

A working trip of the delegation of the company "Thalamus" to India was held. 

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