The THALAMUS connects a variety of successful people or people aspiring to be successful. Successful in our terms is a person who has a liberal and progressive thought, is well informed or reached a certain level of knowledge in private life and at work, clearly is aware of his mission in the world and is trying to educate a new generation of people whose principle of life is based on the harmony of human laws as well as on the laws of nature.​ 

Juraj is an experienced manager and legal expert specializing in EU public procurement law. Juraj has managed many complex public procurement advisory jobs, including lead oversight role in competitive dialogue procedure employed for 60 mil. EUR procurement for full digitalization of Slovak national insurer (Sociálna poisťovňa) and ongoing advising on public procurement aspects of unique health care services project - a 30 year concession contract project for construction and operation of new University Hospital in the Slovak Republic estimated to be worth more than 6 billion EUR. He has also advised many international clients (mainly in their capacity as candidates in Slovak public procurements) in English and Russian languages. More recently Juraj expanded his skills by completing a prestigious postgraduate program at the University of Nottingham School of Law - "Public Procurement Law and Policy", Master of Laws (LLM). Juraj currently splits his time between public procurement and technology start up scene, where he facilitates cooperation of many technology start ups and SMEs from EU, Russia, Ukraine and India. Juraj is a member of the UK based Procurement Lawyers Association (PLA) and member of Board of Directors of Slovak Association of Energy Services Providers, where he is responsible for business development and liaison with the European Commission.

Management Company THALAMUS

Juraj Revicky

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Vivekanandan Thiagarajan, an Engineering graduate from the Moscow State Technical University, is a well experienced marketing professional blended with technical background focusing on Russian speaking countries. Having studied in the USSR, from his college days dating back to 1983, his close association with Russia is more than three decades old. Being fluent in technical Russian language, as well as being closely familiar with Eastern Slav culture, assisted him in many successful business negotiations between Russian and Indian private, and/or public sector partners. In addition, he has assisted to many other Eastern European firms encompassing various product categories from raw materials, machinery, pharmaceuticals to consumer goods. Based in Coimbatore, a prominent industrial cluster centre in Southern India, he is closely associated with reputed Industrial Associations such as CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) and CODISSIA (Coimbatore District Small Scale Industries a Association), etc. He is also marketing advisor to many Indian and overseas companies engaging in trade with the former USSR and the Eastern Europe.



Managing Partner

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Since 1999, Dmitry has been successfully engaged in international trade mainly among the Ukrainian, Russian and other quickly developing CIS markets. Dmitry has been praised for his expert first hand knowledge of peculiar CIS economic environment. 

He has accumulated his robust experience in cooperating with plethora of mainly industrial enterprises from Ukraine and Russia to enter Indian and EU markets. Simultaneously, he has been effective in finding viable sale opportunities for foreign economic operators on Ukrainian and Russian markets.

Dmitry is not only experienced in setting up and growing of successful foreign trade operations, but more recently increasingly focuses on facilitating of cross-border technology start-ups based on mainly CIS and EU intellectual property.

Examples of successful foreign trade projects implemented by Dmitry: 

•    2004-2012 - export-import operations in the CIS, EU, Asia through his company "AKMISS" Kharkov, Ukraine,
•    2008-2014 engineering and foreign trade activities through his company "SoyuzPromInzhiniring", Belgorod, Russia,
•    2006-2016  - sale of railways and subways related equipment and spare parts to Ukrainian, Russian and European companies, as well as support of international industrial cooperation programs between the producers of CIS and European Union countries through his company "Ameton", Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Dmitry Chaly

Managing Partner

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Roman Tretiakov, an expert on foreign trade activity and has higher economic education in the field of international Economics since 2004. Also in 2012 he was educated in Moscow International Higher Business School under the program "System analysis and project management in business", as well as he has in his asset of various trainings and seminars aimed at developing leadership and managerial qualities.

Since 2004, Roman have gained practical experience in the field of international trade and economic activities in the Russian market and emerging markets of the CIS countries. He had accumulated extensive experience in cooperation with foreign partners for the launch of their products on the Russian and CIS countries markets, as well as the organization of export deliveries of Russian industrial enterprises to foreign markets.

Professional career: 2004 – 2008 specialist of the division of international trade in commercial companies, 2008-2015 – Manager of Foreign economic department in a large export-import company, since 2016 is the Director of “Thalamus" LTD, which is a member and regional representative in Russia of the Business Association "Thalamus

Roman Tretiakov

Managing Director THALAMUS Russia

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Since 1996, Oswald, still being Austrian but living in Slovakia, has been sucessfully engaged in international business activities, focussing mainly on CEE. He was active for more than 15 years for the Austrian Raiffeisen banking group, mainly as head of International Clients and Vice President of Tatra banka a.s. in Slovakia but also as a procurist of Raiffeisen Austria (RZB AG/now RBI, quoted at Vienna stock Exchange).

He has gathered a lot of experience in negotiations and finalizing projects with international customers and a thorough knowledge of the banking and other industries.

After leaving the banking sector in 2011 he founded his own company agore s r.o. and started to be active in various areas, mainly in relation to supporting different customers with their expansion plans in the areas of accounting, renewable energy and acquisitions e.g.: Accace Group, 2013, , ic consulenten: project manager for a USD 100 Mio. energy efficiency facility for EBRD in the Ukraine, 2015, Voltia Group (former Greenway Group)/pioneer for electric mobility for logistic companies, still active

Oswald speaks German (mother tongue), Slovak, Czech, Russian and Spanish.



Managing Partner

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Managing Partner

Denisa has a wide experience in business development matchmaking, as well as management of advisory and consultancy services for Italian and Slovak companies, mainly in energy, transport, infrastructure, IT, and environment sectors.  For the past 7 years, she has been assisting major International players in their entry into the Slovak or vice versa Italian markets.

One of the most significant projects, where Denisa managed positioning in the Slovak market of a foreign (Italian construction) company is designing and construction of the largest tunnel in Slovakia. Denisa has also recommended herself In the Italian nuclear decommissioning field, where she helped major Czech and Slovak players to achieve important contracts in terms of its value and content.

Denisa Lastovkova

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An engineer graduated from Slovak Technical University.He has years of experience in the field of consultation, development, project management and architecture of IT solutions.Beside the standard IT issues he focused on ITIL implementations and building workflow, big data processing (ETL), integration (EIP) and text processing systems.From international teams from different locations (Belgium, France, UK) he brought knowledge - rely on a good team and don'ts temporary solution.In recent years, engaged in search of unique IT ideas useful in business. 2001 - CMS and alert system for hospital2003 - OLAP data processing in reporting system 2005 - automatic system for matching candidates with AI2006 - IT analyst for Slovak ministry2013 - workflow system for public sector2015 - business integration in OPIS project

Managing Director THALAMUS IT

Roman Frimm

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Vitaly is a top manager with an extensive track record in managing and supervising commercial projects in the CIS.

Vitaly’s key qualities and skills comprise sociability, leadership skills, hard working, ability to work in a multi-task environment, skills to efficiently arrange control and day-to-day management  of the business and staff, clear settlement of the target and how to reach it, capability to work in a team.

Successful Projects:

2004-2009: Commercial Director of company "Science and Engineering Company", Kharkov, Ukraine (engineering, fuel and energy sector).

2009-2016: General Director / Founder of company "Ameton", Kharkov, Ukraine (foreign economic activities, arrangement of spare parts procurement for Ukrainian and European plants, subway and roadway businesses, as well as supervising the programs of international cooperation between CIS and EU producers).

Vitaly Baskakov

Managing Partner

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Dmitry Reuka

Managing Partner

Dmytro is a Master of Food Engineering graduated from University of Kharkov in 2013.

His technological background helps him resolving complex tasks in many different fields of life and business.

Working as a researcher Dmytro helps improving production, maximize benefits and reduce costs.

His experience as a Sales Manager for Polish market allowed him to understand very well what are the key factors to achieve commercial success.

He is a self-driven, open minded and hard working individual who is engaged in business changing projects.

As a fluent speaker of 3 languages – Russian, Ukrainian and Polish – he can easily adopt to constantly changing environment.

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Oleksandr (Alex) is a man with a huge diverse experience and education who works at a strategic level, ready to start, discover or develop a business. The main activity – to shoot troubles and go further.

Managing Partner

Ukraine, CIS

Oleksandr Nazarenko

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Dmitry has 10 years of experience of technical engineering and strategic consulting in the field of power engineering and fuel-power industry. He took part in projects in the field of distributed generation, renewable energy sources, integrated industrial energy saving programs in Russia and abroad. For more than 5 years he was responsible for business development in large engineering consulting companies.

Currently he manages the practice of scouting, feasibility evaluation and commercial acceleration of innovative engineering and scientific and technological developments.

Dmitry graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI) with a engineers degree in heat and power engineering and received a master's degree in management from the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service (RANEPS)

Dmitry Sazonov

Managing Partner

Russia, CIS

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Managing Partner in Security and Logistics 

Milan Asvanyi

Milan is an expert in the field of security and logistics for the promotion of trade goods in the EU.

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Robert Modrovský

10 years acting in sales and business consultancy areas across the different segments such as Small & Medium Businesses, Public Sector & Self-Government.

Robert was acting within different projects }most of them EU Funded), where he gathered a lot of experience. He is actively cooperating with different partners from different segments and looking for new alliances on the market that can create added value for the customers.

Senior business advisory

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Expert in the analysis of the CIS pharmaceutical market, and personnel management.



Natalia Savyenkova

- graduated from medical University,

- since 2003 achieved the second higher economic education in the field of international economy,

 - since 2003 worked as a manager in the American pharmaceutical company. 

-  since 2007 worked as a financial and marketing director in American and Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies for 10 years.

-  developed and implemented a special stuff training   -   Development of leadership qualities, project management and sales techniques.

-  has 5 years of experience in conducting trainings in CIS countries.

-  has an extensive experience in the pharmaceutical market analysis, project management, stuff recruitment and training.

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Managing Partner

Yaroslav Gusak

Yaroslav Gusak got a bachelors degree at the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and informarics(MESI) in the field of Crisis Management. Currently lives and studies at Nanjing University of Since and Technology in China, majoring in business management.

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Technical Director, Expert in Innovative Processes for Machining Products for Mechanical Engineering



Ganasenthan is a highly qualified engineer in the field of production technology and process control at the Moscow Automotive Institute.
Since recently, participates in the prestigious state-run state project also in the field of research and development of technologies for a series of prototypes of cars in Russia.

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Olga Kuchmarova

The director of the "AgroPromEngineering" LTD company, which is part of the Thalamus group

Olga is a highly qualified specialist in organizing and managing logistics and trading schemes, working with customs authorities, maintaining and monitoring financial and analytical activities.

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Sergey Polyakov

Managing partner and expert in the field of mechanical engineering.

Sergey, is an experienced leader and an expert in the field of automotive engineering. In the course of his production experience, Sergei has accumulated extensive experience and connections in the engineering industry of Ukraine. He leads and oversees a number of successful projects in the metalworking industry (the production of various components for the automotive industry). Sergey possesses all the qualities of an experienced manager and a production worker who understands the technological processes of manufacturing products for the machine-building industry.

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Specialist in Civil Engineering and Design

Serge Holodny

Serge has a higher technical education in the field of architecture and construction. For 18 years of professional activity he has accumulated experience in the creation and management of organizations conducting architectural projecting and construction of industrial and civil facilities. He participated in the creation and reforming of a number of organizations of the project business in Ukraine and Russia. His list of implemented projects contains a dozens of constructed objects of varying degrees of complexity and purpose. He carried out a full cycle of design and supervised the construction of a number of facilities in difficult climatic and geological conditions. Deep knowledge in modern and innovative construction materials, as well as the ability to organize a team allows Serge to implement the goals set in a quality and on time.

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Managing Partner of

Finance and Tax 

Anatoly Kozyr

The expert on accounting in the Russian Federation. Higher economic education in Moscow in 1998. Systematically increased skills in various courses and seminars. It has a certificate of "1C: Professional". Permanent member of the Association of Chief Accountants

Since 2008 to gain practical experience in accounting with a major foreign trade activity.

Professional career:
Since 2001 - the chief accountant of a number of enterprises of processing industries.
2008-2012 - the chief accountant of a major Russian export-import trading company.
Since 2012 - private practice skills in postgraduate additional training in practical skills acquisition program 1C software, as well as the setting of accounting firms to re-open.

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"What really matters are the countless small deeds of unknown people who lay the basis for the events of human history. These are the people who have made change in the past; they are responsible for making change in the future, too."                                                Historian Howard Zinn

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