Industrial energy systems - ADRIAN GROUP s.r.o.

Infrared heaters ADRIAN® represent the very top class of heating solutions for industrial and other large volume premises. Our gas fired hot air units and hot air generators are the perfect choice when it comes to hot air heating. In order to offer serious complexity of energy systems solutions we added to our range door curtains and destratificators. These technologies give enormous potential of additional energy savings to any end user. Besides, we offer hydronic gas boilers of premium quality with supreme features and benefits, and, nevertheless, gas convectors for smaller spaces and objects. In the case the use of gas is not the best option for you, check out our hot water units or products for electric heating.

VermiVital s.r.o. was established in 2013 to look for alternatives to plant nutrition which, by its natural origin and high efficiency, determine the trends of modern agriculture. The number of employees belongs to small Slovak companies, so we are working hard to show that the increasing use of organic fertilizers is the future of plant production. As a result of the active activity of VermiVital, it is a new generation of fertilizers designed for foliar application in a wide range of cultivated field crops.

Company R & D MOLD MACHINING is a medium, still growing company, which operates in the engineering and automotive industry. Activity is focused on the production of precision parts intended for further use in the automotive, energy, manufacturing and marginally food industries.


- Concept and scenario development,

- Video editing and color correction,

- 4K video shooting,

- Aerial video,

- 2D and 3D graphics design,

- Soundtrack creation

The OIKOS is engaged in innovative environmental projects in Eastern Europe.

Company activities: Providing a robust and high-quality advisory services in public procurement Advice on preparing bids interested in public procurement Protection of individual actions in the implementation of the procurement process . Complete outsourcing of procurement Related consultancy services Services for candidates and tenderers commercial procurement Education in the field of public procurement - lecturing and publications.

The key to success of any science and research project are the best available technologies, materials and equipment. ProScience Tech offers comprehensive service for a variety of research activities, from basic to applied research, both for academic institutions and commercial companies.

A comprehensive perspective is what it takes to predispose a high quality background for research. ProScience Tech integrates solutions in terms of technologies, materials and equipment. We do not represent a single brand, platform or technology, thanks to which we are independent and able to provide our Clients with the best available solution in any field of research.

Thanks to our independent position and a thorough knowledge of the needs of research institutions, we are prepared to deliver state-of-the-art comprehensive solutions as well as a reliable service for science and research labs.

ProScience Tech covers a broad range of activities from in-depth audit of scientific processes, through delivery, configuration and service of equipment, to implementation of entire research and development projects.

ProScience Tech was founded in 2010. Our team comprises experts from the field of scientific research and is highly knowledgeable about the business environment. ProScience Tech consists of consultants with more than 15 years of experience working on demanding projects aimed at supporting scientific and research activities. 

The company Seak Energetics was established by Ing. Jozef Sedlak. We created a means to realize communication via power line by modulation and demodulation of mean value of half cycle of supply voltage.

Photoneo creates “eyes for robots”: high-quality, easy to use 3D area sensors. We also create a “visual cortex” for robots: we teach them to pick objects and navigate in space.

Photoneo was established by a team of visionaries and talented engineers focused on 3D.

Photoneo’s product portfolio is based on many years experience with 2D and 3D vision systems. Our deep scientific research was transformed into unique technology and products.

Innovative company in the field of IT solutions

Tarawera Design s.r.o. was founded in 2011 based on the great potential of the quality services in marketing and advertising services. Our company was founded on the basis of extensive knowledge in marketing from the previous professional experience of our staff. Our goal is to bring new technologies, materials and design to the market and help our partners to achieve maximum business success.

Tarawera Print s.r.o. is modern high-speed digital printing studio founded in 2012, but our team consists of professionals with years of experience in the printing industry. First of all, we focus on high-speed printing - ASAP. We print on a industrial printer Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C70hc using revolutionary toner High Chroma. That's why ink on the prints looks naturally and extremely intense. Excellent results are achieved on offset coated materials. We have also the variety of equipment for product finalization (Ideal, GPM, Fastbind, Cyklos, RSH). Overall customer satisfaction is very important to us, so You will meet customer-oriented staff. Also we guarantee excellent quality and workable prices at a high speed of orders processing.

For 10 years now we provide comprehensive courier services . We constantly bring new products to the market courier services in the CEE region . Since 2007, we have the largest citykuriérskou service in Slovakia , not only in the volume of shipments transported by express , as well as quality standards and innovation.

The main subject of business of IMET Inc. can be divided into the following four basic areas:Purchase and sales of machines and equipment, parts of them and components for heavy engineering; Purchase and sales of ball bearings and slide bearings; Purchase and sales of metallurgical material; Engineering metal working.

EKOS PLUS s.r.o. has been providing expert consulting in all fields of environmental services since 1995.

Thanks to its rich experience and a high professional level, the services of EKOS PLUS s.r.o. are used by domestic and foreign clients, among others: ABC KLÍMA s.r.o., AHOLD Retail Slovakia, k.s., A.S.A., AVE, Basler & Hofmann Switzerland, Calmit spol. s r. o., Hospital of Trenčín, Chemolak a.s., eustream a.s., Holcim (Slovensko) a.s., CHEMOLAK a.s., GGE a.s., Marius Pedersen a.s., Martinská Teplárenská a.s., Metalurg Steel a.s., Metsa Tissue Slovakia s.r.o., Mondi SCP a.s. Ružomberok, OFZ a.s., PCLA a.s., PSA CITROEN SLOVAKIA, Slovenské elektrárne a.s., T+T a.s., University Hospital Bratislava, Volkswagen Bratislava spol. s r. o. and many others.

Focus of the Institute

The mission of the Institute is

- basic research of inorganic and bioinorganic systems aimed at the optimization and   development of new       materials and technologies   

- upbringing (education) of new scientists in relevant areas within the framework approved by the Ministry of education of Slovak Republic

- contribution to the research and development in joint fields of interest in Slovak Republic and abroad by expertise and collaboration with universities, nonprofit as well profit institutions

The research comprises mainly

- relationships between composition and structure of inorganic compounds, i. e. advanced ceramics, molten systems and hydrosilicates

- phenomena and chemical reactions in inorganic systems and on phase boundaries

- thermodynamics of many component systems

-development and application of theoretical and experimental methods for the estimation of the structure and properties of compounds

The research is upgraded and conducted in funded scientific and research projects – governmental or international grants, as well as contracts with industrial bodies

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