ThermoGlass® Electric Heated Glass

Unique, perfectly transparent Nano-System heated glass represents a future trend in the heating of modern buildings.

ThermoGlass® electric heated glass is an insulating glass capable of emitting radiant heat with the intensity of up to 80°C. A totally transparent conductive layer is applied on the glass surface which works as a heating element. Visually, the glass is no different from conventional glasses but thanks to its properties it offers unique advantages that cannot be found in other glasses.

Unique, unparalleled in the world, equipment and technology for metal processing using high-temperature plasma.

The company "THALAMUS CAT" provides accounting services for enterprises and individuals, advises on tax planning and foreign economic activity.

The ecological project of the Thalamus group is associated with  natural minerals such as schungite, vermiculite, bentonite, zeolite and others.

The group of Thalamus through its subsidiaries Ameton Ltd Ukraine and Talamus RUS Ltd Russia is the representatives of the Italian producer MORELLO in the territory of the CIS.

​​MORELLO Company designs and manufactures a wide range of battery motorised trolleys, diesel self-propelled trailers, transfer carts, die carts, industrial trailers, tilters, upenders and lifting platforms that operate in several industrial sectors: metallurgy, oil & gas, shipyards, automotive, aerospace, power generation, paper mills, metalworking and many others!

There are many advanced technologies for recycling paper or plastic packaging. These technologies are well known and available worldwide. It is a completely different story with a cardboard box for drinks (hereinafter - BC), which contains plastic film, aluminum foil and cardboard. It is often called the Tetra pack, because Tetra introduced this packaging method to food manufacturers (1961) and still dominates the market. The difficulties of disposal consist in the high quality of the used primary materials and the methods of their connection - they are fixed. These virgin, food grade materials used to make beverage cartons are very valuable materials. It is worth paying attention to two trends associated with the recycling of packaging, combined with various materials: the growing demand for recycling in society and an increase in the number of such packaging per capita and in general. The use of such packaging is highly correlated with the growth of GDP and it is very important to minimize the number of products that are buried in landfills due to loss of quality, which is often associated with improper packaging.
Currently, most of the waste of aircraft is subject to disposal or incineration at energy recovery facilities. A small part, not exceeding 30% (on average in Europe), is processed in paper mills. But only some paper mills are ready to use BC waste as a secondary raw material due to high contamination with plastic and aluminum, and, of course, they are not being recovered and are still being buried.
Talented engineers from Eastern Europe have introduced a new approach for the disposal of aircraft waste. The recycling process uses and recovers 100% of the materials. New products are environmentally friendly, competitive in the market and have a wide usability. Moreover, they are recyclable!
Despite the uniqueness of the technology, it cannot be considered “revolutionary”, since it has already been implemented in several European U.S.A countries for more than ten years and has proven successful.
The basic facts about the technology: o Paper for raw materials-paper for cardboard with polyethylene or other plastic material o Products - wall panels (compared to OSB or wood panels) o Power supply installation 150 kW -500 kW (machine type) o Low energy consumption o Wide range of sizes, thickness, density o Very small amount of needlework o From other process waste o Technological process with aggressive chemical additives
Currently, this approach is the only technology available for 100% recycling of aircraft waste. 

The company "THALAMUS RUS" offers to supply equipment and components for paper production and processing of paper and waste paper into finished products.

As of today the official representative and partner of a number of well-known production companies from the CIS, South-East Asia and China, we are able to offer high-quality equipment and components for the production of paper, cardboard, tissue, and paper and cardboard packaging products made of recycled wastepaper .

Delivery of the equipment is made in any of the CIS region. Our company also carries out work on the installation supervision, commissioning and customer training on-site installation.

Creative thinking and an innate sense of observation are vital ingredients for any successful business venture. The Late Mr. K.U.Sodalamuthu had them in him when he observed the potential in Paper Conversion Machinery. He chose an uncommon industry which was largely related to a common one - Textiles. It is a laudable fact that an innovative brand of industry has its origin in a city popularly known as "Manchester of South India".

The Brand - Sodaltech holds an amazing 96% of the Indian Market for its paper Conversion Machinery.The Company has more than 500 installations to its credit worldwide, with 36.5% of the international market.

The Industry has continued to climb the ladder of success steadily over the past 44 years. The three sons of the founder have been actively involved in the Company's remarkable success. The eldest Son Mr.K.S.Viswanathan handles the Production Department .The second son Mr.K.S.Subramaniam is responsible for the Marketing while the third son Mr.K.S.Balamurugan takes care of the Administration. Sodaltech has maintained its tempo throughout meeting the challenges thrown out by the rapidly advancing technology, head on. New enhancements are a permanent part of the show based on research and surveys. Rich in experience and always on the lookout for challenge, Sodaltech is a versatile brand which can meet any form of requirement adapting itself to different levels of economy and technology.

"MK Tsentrstal " sells metal-roll in Moscow, Moscow region, Central Russia and the CIS countries. We offer a wide range of products ( from the stainless steel sheet to components for piping ) at competitive prices .

Innovative glass PV modules and fiberglass PV modules

“Koksu” mining company” LLC is a young, rapidly growing company, established in May, 2002.

The “Koksu” mining company is the only enterprise in Kazakhstan that mines and processes Koksu shungite, known on the market under the trade name “Taurit”. Today, we operate on the market of Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the near abroad.  Our main activity is mining and processing a mineral, development of perspective applications of shungite practical usage and expansion of its practical application.The enterprise is equipped with  modern production facilities and advanced technology.

Manufacturing stone engraving machines and modern equipment for photo ceramics is the key business of our company. Mirtels stone engraving machines, which we have been manufacturing for as long as 12 years, are sold in specialist markets in many countries. In so doing, the geography and the sale volumes of stone engraving machines is expanding annually. This is indicative of the superior quality of the equipment we offer.

The priority activity of Ameton is the completion of spare parts for Ukrainian and European enterprises, subways and railways, as well as support for international industrial cooperation programs between CIS and European Union countries.

Slavneftekhim - the manufacturer of lubricants,
technological liquids for mechanical engineering, metallurgical industry.

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